Training & Adoption

Enhancing Efficiency with Salesforce: Tailored Training and Adoption Strategies

System Review

Current Assessment, Needs Identification

Evaluating the current system setup and usage is the first step. This involves analysing how business users interact with Salesforce, identifying gaps in knowledge or functionality, and pinpointing areas for improvement. Understanding the existing environment is crucial for tailoring the training to address specific needs and enhance efficiency.

Identifying specific training needs and areas for system enhancement follows the initial assessment. This step ensures that the training program and any recommended system configurations or automations are directly aligned with business objectives, facilitating more effective and efficient use of Salesforce.

Training Delivery

End-to-End Training, Adoption Strategies

Providing comprehensive Salesforce training to business users is essential. The training covers everything from basic navigation to advanced features, tailored to the specific roles and needs of the users. The goal is to empower users with the knowledge and skills to leverage Salesforce effectively in their daily tasks.

Implementing strategies to boost user adoption is key. This involves ongoing support, monitoring user engagement, and collecting feedback to continuously refine the training and adoption approach. Encouraging user adoption ensures that investments in Salesforce training translate into tangible business benefits.


  • System survey
  • Process analysis
  • Gap identification


  • Curriculum development
  • Schedule setup
  • Resource allocation


  • Interactive training
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Q&A sessions


  • Follow-up support
  • Adoption monitoring
  • Feedback implementation

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