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Streamlined Support for Salesforce: Quick Fixes, No Fuss


Issue, Resolution Implementation

Quickly identifying the root cause of an issue is crucial. This involves understanding the user's problem, reproducing the issue, and determining if it's a common Salesforce problem or a user-specific challenge. Speed and accuracy in this step ensure effective resolution and minimal disruption.

Implementing the resolution effectively is key. Once the issue is identified, the appropriate fix is applied, whether it requires guiding the user through a solution or performing a series of diagnostic steps. Ensuring the issue is resolved in the first interaction is the goal, to minimise downtime and enhance user satisfaction.

Support Tiers

First-line, Second-line Support

This is the initial point of contact for users experiencing issues. It involves basic troubleshooting, such as password resets, user access problems, and common errors. The aim is to resolve simple issues without escalating to higher levels.

When first-line support cannot resolve an issue, it escalates to second-line support. This tier deals with more complex issues, requiring deeper knowledge of Salesforce. They may involve more detailed diagnostics and understanding of the platform's inner workings.


  • User interviews
  • Evaluation
  • Documentation


  • Identifying gaps
  • Performance review
  • Risk analysis


  • Solutions proposal
  • Action plan
  • Implementation strategy


  • Stakeholder input
  • Review sessions
  • Continuous improvement

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