Bullhorn JobScience

The science of recruitment on the Salesforce Platform

Jobscience was a cloud-based ATS and CRM tool designed to help recruitment firms to streamline and grow their business. Built 100% natively on Force.com, Bullhorn Jobscience offered a CRM-based approach to talent acquisition.

Next-Gen Recruitment Solutions

Frank Belford's Expertise in Bullhorn JobScience

In the era of cutting-edge recruitment, Frank Belford emerges as the essential partner for optimising the capabilities of Bullhorn JobScience, a comprehensive solution that redefines recruitment strategies and enhances overall efficiency. Our experienced team collaborates closely with recruitment agencies, tailoring solutions to fully digitise businesses and achieve a streamlined recruitment process.

Bullhorn JobScience provides a robust data model, industry-specific automations, and unmatched configurability to meet diverse business needs.

Our meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive and tailored solution, prioritising an accelerated path-to-value with a complete end-to-end solution that supports various business models and vertical-specific workflows.

Frank Belford goes beyond, offering continuous support and expertise to empower recruitment teams. Navigate the complexities of modern recruitment, from candidate management to real-time analytics, with confidence. Elevate your recruitment efforts, achieve tangible results, and stay ahead of the competition with Frank Belford's unparalleled expertise in Bullhorn JobScience.