360 Managed Service

Comprehensive Salesforce Management, Beyond Basic Setup and Maintenance



Efficient user onboarding is foundational. It involves creating user profiles, setting permissions, and providing initial training. This process ensures that all users can effectively navigate Salesforce, leveraging its full capabilities from the start.

Tailoring Salesforce to fit specific business needs is critical. Customisation includes adjusting settings, creating custom objects and fields, and integrating third-party applications. This ensures the platform aligns with your business processes, enhancing productivity and data relevance.


Updates, Upgrades, and Support

Continuous support addresses users' questions and technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime. It includes helpdesk services, user training updates, and troubleshooting. This proactive approach keeps the platform running smoothly, supporting daily business operations.

Regularly updating and upgrading Salesforce is vital for accessing new features and maintaining security. This involves planning and implementing new releases, customising features to fit business needs, and training users on new functionalities. Staying current maximises the value of your Salesforce investment.


  • Create profiles
  • Set Security
  • Initial training


  • Adjust settings
  • Manage objects
  • Manage applications


  • Helpdesk services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training updates


  • Plan releases
  • Implement changes
  • User retraining

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