Your Conversational
AI Recruiter

Introducing TalentSift, by Chat Automation. Let TalentSift’s ChatBot 2.0+ technology do the heavy lifting and sifting for your staffing agency. Our conversational AI takes care of the top of funnel laborious and repetitive tasks, feeding your Recruiters well qualified candidates straight into their laps. ​ ​ You can now focus more on what you do best; building strong candidate and client relationships.

The ‘+’ in ChatBot 2.0+

Our award winning, unique IP allows us to automate those mundane, high frequency tasks you perform, such as processing timesheets, actioning candidate emails or the pulling together of reports from multiple platforms. Eliminate errors and reduce your unit costs by up to 85%, through our non-invasive Digital Worker Bot (RPA) technology, irrespective of the system(s) used or lack of integration!​

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