Frank Belford | Love Your Difference
Frank Belford, a Salesforce Specialist Consultancy, Providing Business Change and Transformation across Multiple Industries, Including Retail, Customer Service, Finance & Banking, FMCG, Staffing & Recruiting.
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Love Your Difference

It is super important for us here at Frank Belford to recognise not just within ourselves but together as a team, that whilst we are all superstar master builders, we are all different, but we are all equal. From the uniqueness of our cultures to our backgrounds, thoughts, minds and perspectives, we are share the same goals of happiness and success but what drives us and makes us beautiful in every way remains our own.

Our amazing team come from different corners of the world, bringing their heritage and influence to the table is what makes us great at being a specialist Salesforce Consultancy. Here at Frank Belford we give our team the opportunity to express themselves in their own individual way and help each other become better versions of themselves. Some are teaching others their language, some are teaching others how to cook their speciality dishes and some are teaching about their cultures and why difference is important. The Freedom of speech is part of our core values, among honesty, integrity and hard work.

The results of this initiative has seen a massive increase in team moral, leadership and overall well being, after all we probably spend more time with our colleagues together than some of our closest friends and family. We encourage everyone, every company, not matter how small or large the business to love your difference.