Frank Belford | 5 Free Appexchange Products to Help Manage Your Salesforce System
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5 Free Tools to Help Salesforce Administrators Manage a Salesforce CRM

RingLead Field Trip – Discover Unused Fields and Analyze Data Quality

Ever wish that you could finally achieve that perfect, clutter-free page layout that you’ve been dreaming about? Unpopulated fields in your Salesforce Org cause confusion, skew reports, and make basic admin duties more difficult than they need to be. Field Trip lets you analyze the fields of any object, giving you instant insight into what percentage of your records (or a subset) have that specific field populated. Run reports on the standard and custom fields you have in Salesforce for a better understanding of which field are important to your organization. With a simple install, an intuitive user interface, and an easy-to-export report, Field Trip has made analyzing your fields quick and painless.

RingLead Field Trip Screenshots

Field Dumper – Extract Data Model to Excel

This simple app completes an export of field definitions into an Excel spreadsheet.

  • The app is FREE!
  • One spreadsheet can contain a complete object / field extract of your org.
  • Multiple objects can be exported at the same time.
  • Each object and its fields are presented on a separate spreadsheet tab.
  • Caters for both Custom and Standard Objects.
  • Extracts a range of useful parameters for Custom and Standard Fields.
  • It is fully functional – it is not locked, limited or restricted

Field Dumper Screenshots

Dupe Catcher – Prevent duplicates in real time with DupeCatcher

DupeCatcher enables Salesforce users to identify, block and dedupe leads, accounts, contacts, and person accounts in real-time at the point-of-entry. Retain full control of the identification and merging process, eliminating any fear of loss while cleansing data.

  • Identify duplicate contacts, leads, accounts, and person accounts as they’re added in REAL time.
  • Block duplicate leads, contacts, accounts and/or merge them with existing records.
  • Use standard or custom Salesforce fields to identify duplicate records.
  • Run DupeCatcher in the background to collect data on duplicates for analysis before rolling it out to users.

Dupe Catcher Screenshots

Magic Mover – for Notes And Attachments to Lightning Experience

Get ready for Lightning Experience by migrating your attachments and notes. Install this app to do bulk conversions of attachments to Salesforce Files, and classic notes to enhanced notes. Before you install this package, please check out the User Guide, as it contains important installation instructions.Convert attachments to files because files are optimized for Lightning Experience and provide additional capabilities beyond attachments, including the ability to relate files to multiple records, track multiple versions, and view file previews. Convert classic notes to enhanced notes, which are optimized for Lightning Experience and provide additional capabilities beyond classic notes, such as the ability to relate a note to multiple records, and track multiple versions

Magic Mover Screenshots

Mass Actions – Mass Edit + Mass Update + Mass Delete

Search and Mass Edit/Update/Delete multiple leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and custom objects.

Standard and Custom Objects

1: Mass Update + Mass Edit + Mass Delete Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities records from the List view, Search View or Related Lists.

2: Extend Mass Edit + Update + Delete to work with your Custom Objects and Custom Fields.

Magic Actions